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9 Aug, 2020
Webinar: Secure and encrypt Confluent & Kafka with SecuPi Data Centric Privacy & Compliance Platform

The SecuPi Platform

SecuPi provides granular user activity visibility and controls,
covering packaged and home-grown applications, direct access tools, big-data and cloud environments. SecuPi can make production and non-production applications GDPR-ready within days.
Single Platform
ONE centralized solution for main GDPR articles as well as Insider-threat on all applications
Agile and Efficient
Agile and efficient configurable platform to meet current & future regulatory and audit requirements
No Code Changes
No source-code changes with fast & cost-efficient implementation

Achieve Compliance Worldwide

The most practical platform to address all technical Privacy Regulation articles quickly and efficiently
Starting with classification in the assessment phase to the dynamic consent management, Pseudonymization, records of processing and data subject deletion/anonymization requirements for GDPR, CCPA, PCI, etc. – all in a simple and practical manner - with no source-code, database, network configurations or any end point changes required.

SecuPi Solution Capabilities

Discovery Integration
User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
Monitoring & Auditing
Dynamic Consent Controls
Dynamic Data Masking
Soft / Hard Deletion

Addressing Main Compliance Requirements

Article # | Article name
Procesing of Personal Data
Lawfulness of Procesing
Conditions of Consent
Conditions of Child’s Consent
Procesing Special Categories
Processing of Criminal Records
Rights of Access
Right to be Forgoten
Restriction of Processing
Rights to Data Portability
Right to Object
Data Protection by Design & Default
Records of Processing Activities
Security of Processing
Notification of Data Breach
Communication of Data Breach

4 Steps to Compliance

Install SecuPi on business applications
Integrate with discovery tools and classify & map personal data-flows from source to destination
Define policies to apply data minimization, consent & “Right to be Forgotten”
Go Live
Enforce subjects rights while auditing and monitoring in real-time all personal data flows and processes
Hospitality digital is constantly looking to provide the utmost privacy and security measures to protect its customer private data. SecuPi allows us to classify, monitor, protect and delete customer personal data within our existing application landscape, making them GDPR-ready in a timely manner.


Dr. Andreas Gilch, Data Protection Officer

Largest European Telecommunications

The largest Telecommunications company in Europe was facing the challenge of implementing personal data anonymization across their multiple Teradata and Oracle Data warehouse environments, including more than 30,000 sensitive columns accessed by more than 2500 analysts using a maze of analytics applications, CRM systems and tools.
After several unsuccessful attempts with all major encryption and tokenization vendors, the SecuPi platform was chosen as it was the only solution able to address its privacy, anonymization and security challenges. All that, without the heavy cost of maintaining thousands of UDFs/view and, performance degradation of thousands of encrypted columns. SecuPi successfully addressed all their anonymization and access control requirements in a fraction of the cost and time required by other archaic approaches, to ensure both security and  compliance while ensuring access by a  “need-to-know” basis.

2nd Largest European Bank

The second largest European financial organization with hundreds of applications on various technology platforms was seeking a solution that would enable them to address consent, “right to be forgotten”, access on a “need-to-know” and monitor all activities on personal data. SecuPi overlay was quickly on-boarded on the high-risk applications, and within days per application, was able to apply all required anonymization, real-time monitoring and access controls – with no changes to source-code, networks or databases.
SecuPi has enabled the organization to transform its enormous estate (from Oracle Forms, old .NET based reporting services to the latest Java and microservices frameworks) while avoiding massive changes, prohibiting costs and unacceptable business risk to existing processes.

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