4 Reasons Why Industry is Moving Toward an Integrated Security Solution, According to CISCO Report

10 Aug, 2016
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CISCO released its annual cyber security report*. The report presents recent findings and predictions based on extensive research done by cyber security analysts and researchers.

Integrated solutions will lead to major changes in the security industry within the next five years – Cisco

In the report, CISCO highlighted the “value of moving to an integrated threat defense architecture as a way to combat threats”. An integrated security solution is one that leverages a “detection and response” framework.
*Link to the full report available in the end of the post

This framework combines both detection and prevention into a unified security solution that will simplify the way organizations handle their security efforts. According to the report, “integrated solutions will lead to major changes in the security industry within the next five years.”
Here are a few reasons why the security industry is seeing a shift towards integrated solutions:


Integrated security platforms focus on achieving better security through visibility. According to the

report, “Integrated security platforms provide security teams with more visibility into what’s happening on devices or networks, so they can more easily identify suspicious patterns of activity.” Such a solution can also provide control, intelligence and context for highly accurate detection capabilities.


The report states that ‘[a] “detection and response” framework will make possible a faster re

sponse to both known and emerging threats. Since this framework provides full contextual awareness, it allows for a more rapid, accurate detection. This helps security teams focus on what matters most – rather than wasting valuable time on false positives.



Not all security products are made equal. Often, security solutions don’t communicate well with each other, which can reduce automation capabilities. “Multivendor environments need a common platform”, claims the report. “Building a front-end integration platform can support better automation and bring better awareness into the security products themselves.”


More features mean more security coverage, but it can also mean more complexity and fragmentation in the security environment. An integrated platform consolidates all the features without losing functionality. This provides easier access and functionality under a single platform.

Technology consolidation is a common phenomenon; much like how the mobile industry merged several gadgets into a single smartphone device, integrated security platforms combine all necessary features under one platform for better visibility, context and control. This improves usability and automation, leading to higher detection accuracy and prevention capabilities.







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