GDPR Clients’ Consent Controls – Build vs. Buy

28 Mar, 2017

When it comes to GDPR, applying consent controls is one of the most challenging requirement to comply with. This is primarily due to the fact that proper controls often require significant changes to the applications, with time, business focus or technological constraints adding complexity to the mix.


Before actually applying the controls, each organizations must first plan out and decide where and how the controls needs to be applied. But in reality, planning and executing can be two completely different things. That raises the most challenging question of how are these consent controls actually going to be applied technologically?

For application compliance, there are two ways of going about it. One way is changing the actual application in a way that would allow the organization to apply the required controls. Naturally, this could require some major in-house development efforts, costing the organization time and money, as well as taking away the focus of the development team from other important efforts.

The other option is to deploy an external solution. A tool that is specifically designed for the consent controls required by the GDPR and is adaptable to your business applications. This could be a huge time-saver and save money by reducing overhead and development efforts.

SecuPi enables organizations to comply with consent controls on business applications with its easy to integrate GDPR Compliance tool. The tool gives the organization the ability to apply consent controls by seamlessly blocking any data access to any specified data subject. For instance, when a client decides to opt out from having his/her information from being processed, SecuPi applies intuitive controls, such as redaction and blocking, that prevent the information from being processed in an instant. With its quick integration and wide application support, SecuPi saves organizations time and money and enables the development team to focus on other important tasks.

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