Happy birthday, Dear GDPR!

25 May, 2019
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Dear GDPR,

Happy birthday to you!


Today you’re one year old, and you’ve grown so fast!

It’s a celebration to you, but mostly to the millions of Europeans whose privacy you’ve been protecting. You might be young, but you’ve already accomplished so much…

Authorities say that 206,326 cases were reported, from which 95,000 were complaints that have been reported by citizens. Not too shabby for a one-year-old…

You’ve been doing a fine job at getting organizations privacy ready. So fine that more than 100 organizations have already been fined for failing to comply with the new regulation which amounts to €56 million, of which €50 million was imposed on Google by the French authorities. That’s the largest fine you’ve given yet… That’s what happens when failing to provide an adequate level of transparency of how data is being used for personalized advertisement. But that’s not your only achievement – here are some more:


1)    In December, a Portuguese hospital was fined €400,000 for allowing unauthorized staff to access patients’ records.

2)    In March, a taxi company in Denmark was fined more than €160,000 for storing customer’s personal information on their systems while it no longer needed it.

3)    In March, a polish data processing company was fined €220,000 for scrapping the net and finding personal information in order to send them promotional content.


We wish you and your citizens the best privacy practices in the market.

Know that we’re always there for you as we’ve already helped numerous organizations protect their personal data by implementing you and we’ll continue to do so. We’ll be there to protect your citizens whether it’s on business applications or big data, data warehouse or direct access, on-prem or on-cloud…





If you’d like to be part of the GDPR celebration, contact us here.

Privacy-minded people only.



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