The SecuPi Platform

Constantly Securing Your High-Risk Applications

Secupi Application-Level Analytics and Protection Platform protects
sensetive and regulated data from hackers and malicious insiders

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Constantly profile user behavior based on SecuPi patent pending “4V” data exfiltration model, detecting user credential theft and privilege abuse across your entire application environment.

X-Ray Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into all user requests that exfiltrate or manipulate sensitive data. Know who is accessing which data, how and from where.

Risk Scoring

Risk scoring enables to prioritize alerts and threats effortlessly via dynamic user behavior analytics. A unique risk score is produced for every sensitive data access, payment (transaction) and assets access.

Data Discovery and Classification

Through the identification of sensitive data flows, quickly map the location of your sensitive data at-rest in databases, schemas and objects. Classify your most sensitive data in a matter of hours.

Threat Prevention

Instantly prevents malicious activity by blocking/redacting/masking sensitive data flow and ensure “need-to-know” access. Protect your assets without affecting the data, network, applications or databases.

Agent on App Server

SecuPi’s light-agent sits on your application server layer and installs easily, without requiring additional changes: no source-code, database, network configurations or any end point changes needed.

Full Forensics

Obtain full contextual evidence and forensics of breach attempts and malicious user activity. Every user action can be recorded, stored and later be retrieved for forensics.

Real-time Compliance

Address compliance and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and more. Monitor and control all regulated data flows, with extensive and easy to interpret and extract audit logs.

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