SecuPi 3.2 Is Now GA – Seamless Enterprise Encryption

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SecuPi announces the release of SecuPi 3.2, introducing two main themes:

1. Seamless Enterprise Encryption
2. CRM Dynamics package

Seamless Enterprise Encryption includes the ability to use SecuPi to encrypt sensitive and regulated data (such as credit cards and client names) without making any code changes to the application.

The new Seamless Enterprise Encryption capability is built on SecuPi’s unique ability to intervene in real-time in the sensitive data flows, encrypting the regulated data as it is sent to the database, while decrypting it only for authorized users – thus ensuring exposure on a “need-to-know” basis.

“Need-to-know” decryption is a cornerstone for all privacy regulations, including the recent GDPR requirements.
SecuPi’s launch of Seamless Enterprise Encryption brings compliance across high-value applications (whether packed, home-grown, on premise and on cloud) so much closer, and achievable quicker, with a fraction of the cost.

CRM Dynamics package include a built-in support for CRM dynamics, providing full audit and forensics for all CRM Dynamics versions, with the ability to mask, redact or even completely block any access to sensitive and valuable customer data, even when exported to excel.