GDPR – Right To Be Forgotten

SecuPi’s Technical Solution for Article 17 of the GDPR

Article 17 of the GDPR, also referred to as “The right to be forgotten”, has received a lot of attention and press. Customers can have their private information “be forgotten” (erased) upon request. The reality is that organizations find it difficult to implement such a regulation, mainly because their systems are not defined that way in the first place. Revamping the entire system requires ___ overhead and time. And since both are a limited resource, it’s worth applying an external solution that is designed just for that, and by that, saving resources.

SecuPi enables to implement the right to be forgotten through logical data cancellation on business applications with no need for code changes. Upon the request of a data subject for “data cancellation” a process will mark the customer as “Forgotten” where SecuPi redacts or pseudonymizes the data subject information in-motion with no changes to the data-subject data in the database. Any request or access to the data of a “Forgotten” customer data will be monitored, tracked and pseudonymized/encrypted.

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