SecuPi GDPR Workshop

 Take an application through the entire GDPR journey.


What does SecuPi GDPR Workshop offer?

The SecuPi GDPR Workshop is comprised of 5 days in which your application will go through all the necessary steps towards becoming GDPR compliant. The purpose of the workshop is to go through the full process required for GDPR compliance on your application.

SecuPi provides the technology and methodologies required for the entire life cycle of the GDPR compliance. Starting with the data discovery and data-flow mapping in the assessment phase to the dynamic consent processing, Pseudonymization and records of processing requirements of the GDPR – all in a simple and practical manner – with no source-code, database, network configurations or any end point changes are required.

The Workshop enables the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) to have a deep and hands-on understanding of the GDPR compliance process and answer the following questions:

  • What steps are required for GDPR compliance?
  • How much time will it take to be GDPR compliant?
  • What and how much resources would the organization need? 
  • How much will the compliance projects cost?
  • What workforce will be needed?

The platform provides the technical solution to GDPR requirements including “right to be forgotten”, “records of processing activities” and “security of processing” by discovering, monitoring and controlling all private data access across the application.


Choose a single application and go through all the steps towards GDPR compliance


Identify required resources and skills for comprehensive and accurate project plan


Accelerate GDPR compliance apply SecuPi across all high-risk applications

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