GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance


SecuPi patented software platform augments business applications with the capabilities for meeting GDPR requirements, including ‘Right to be forgotten’, ‘Data Minimization’, ‘Consent’ and ‘Records of Processing Activities’ without code changes and within days per application.

Comprehensive Audit

Full audit logs to cover all personal data processing and data access activities for ‘Records of Processing’ (Article 30)


SecuPi’s real-time redaction capabilities enable quick and simple data minimization and pseudonymization for users and processes

Consent Processing Controls

Using Dynamic Data Masking and redaction, SecuPi can disable access to data subjects where consent wasn’t given, or where the customer requested to opt-out.


SecuPi provides both logical and physical deletion & anonymzation for ‘Right to be Forgotten’ requirement (Article 17)

Data Protection

By design and by default, SecuPi protects data using enhanced visibility into any sensitive data flow and access

Breach Notification

Quickly know who accessed which data to comply with the personal data breach notification requirement

SecuPi discovers and classifies subject data, monitors in real-time data-flows & processes while applying fine-grained access controls across hundreds of applications.

SecuPi main benefits:

  • ONE centralized solution for main GDPR articles as well as Insider-threat on all applications
  • Agile and efficient configurable platform to meet current & future regulatory and audit requirements
  • No source-code changes with fast & cost-efficient implementation

SecuPi provides organizations with full audit of personal data access on its application. Any data access, including viewing of the data, in addition to data manipulation (insert/update/delete), can be audited in real time, ready to be assessed by auditors at any time. Any access to sensitive data is being logged and can never be erased. This enables you to easily comply with principles such as the “right to be forgotten”, “records of processing activities” and “restriction of processing”.

SecuPi GDPR Coverage

The SecuPi platform enables full control over Data Access Governance allowing to centrally determine who can see which data to ensure data minimization requirements are being met. The platform enables to embed Pseudonymization, anonymization and Data Security with little to no effort. SecuPi’s Data Access Governance capabilities are aligned with GDPR requirements as they can disable access to data subjects where consent wasn’t given or documented properly. When handling data access, SecuPi doesn’t touch or change any actual data, only it’s presentation, ensuring that the data remains accurate and unmanipulated.

We can also help you assess your readiness level with our GDPR Readiness Assessment tool which helps you assess what is required from your applications in terms of GDPR compliance and how close they are to achieving it.

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