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WFH Data Protection – Work from Home

How real-time and centralized monitoring, auditing, and user behavior analysis mitigates the risks of a remote workforce Response to the coronavirus pandemic is mandating millions of people around the world to self-quarantine and work from home (WFH). This dramatic shift in work practice increases the risk to business continuity by forcing companies to switch to […]

Soft Deletion

What is Soft Deletion? SecuPi application overlay enables to define policies to hide personal data of customers that have indicated their wish to be deleted, without actually deleting their records in the database. This is referred as “Soft Deletion” and is achieved using SecuPi overlay intercepting personal data flows and processes across business applications, DBA […]

SIEM Integration

SecuPi enables SIEM solutions to monitor the real end goal of the attacker — the applications and data. SecuPi can feed data to any SIEM system and send alerts, thus enriching the SIEM with actual sensitive data exposed and/or high value transactions performed by the user/IP/device. SecuPi provides business impact information to SIEM on which data was exposed. The alerts sent to the SIEM rely on highly accurate User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Machine Learning based decisions.

Data Access Governance

SecuPi provides the capability to centrally control sensitive data access on a “need to know” basis. Set rules and apply policies to determine who can access which sensitive data across your high-risk applications. SecuPi can prevent access to sensitive data by either dynamic masking, redaction, tokenization, or blocking; all without affecting the data, network, applications or databases.

Non-production Masking

To support the need for agility and ever-faster development cycles, organizations are able to provision a development, test or training production-like environments on-demand within minutes.

Real Time Monitoring and Auditing

SecuPi provides extensive and easy to interpret auditing reports that can be assessed by auditors and regulators. Obtain full contextual evidence and forensics of breach attempts and malicious user activity. Every user action can be recorded, stored and later be retrieved for forensics. This data can be encrypted or masked for privacy regulations.

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

SecuPi runs real-time analysis to detect malicious activity and fraud based on single user activity, multiple users and velocity based comparisons.
SecuPi’s technology solves the challenge of spotting the real threat among countless requests. By combining peer comparison and user’s comparison to self, SecuPi analyzes and determines the relative risk score of the user. An abnormally high risk score would send trigger an alert that would be recognized as suspicious user activity.

Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamic Data Masking offers a flexible and powerful capability to mask sensitive data in real-time without affecting the data itself. SecuPi provides full control over which sensitive data will be masked for any specified user.

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