The Ultimate Way to Classify Data

6 Apr, 2017

Looking to classify your sensitive data? There are two ways to go about it – manually or automatically. Which one is better?

If you’d like to protect sensitive data on your applications, you’d first need to classify and define which data is actually sensitive.

There are two ways to go about it – manually or automatically. Each option has its benefits, but it’s really a question of quality over quantity.

Automatic classification lets you classify many applications at once. If an organization has hundreds of applications, it’s a quick and effective solution that saves time. It works well for common sensitive fields such as names, addresses, social security numbers etc. However, it is limited to some types of classifications and is more error prone.

Manual classification, on the other hand, enables to discover and classify each sensitive field manually in a straight forward way. While it’s the most accurate solution out there, it takes time and work.

So what’s the ultimate solution?

A combination of the two. If you’d like to achieve both quality classifications across a large number of applications, it makes most sense to apply both automatic and manual classifications. Let the automatic discovery do its magic by discovering the common fields, and perform manual classification on the sensitive fields that need special attention.

SecuPi provides a combination of an express agent (for automatic classification) and “screen-based methodology” (for manual classifications). Both are simple to apply and require no development or DBA efforts. Once you know which data you’d like to classify as sensitive, SecuPi makes the execution part simple.

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