Keyrus Partners with SecuPi

27 Jun, 2019
1 Keyrus and SecuPi Deliver Data Protection and GDPR across Teradata, Big data & Snowflake

In a world of increased privacy concerns, SecuPi – the leader in data protection has partnered with Vision.BI Keyrus to offer customers a single data protection platform that discovers, monitors and protects sensitive data across Teradata, Snowflake and Big data.

Privacy compliance regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and data cross border requirements enforce fine-grained access controls, real-time activity monitoring and encryption to be applied across thousands of personal data columns.
Ordinarily, this would require creating performance-degrading UDFs, views and code changes to thousands of reports. However, with SecuPi, it is made possible to apply anonymization within weeks and without any changes to code, no views nor UDFs applied across all analytics platforms in use.
The SecuPi overlays are installed on analytics applications and DB tools, applying anonymization matrix on thousands of columns. Using a centralized policy engine, the business unit can set an authorization and anonymization matrix built out of various variables including roles, departments, geo locations, IPs, applications, and PII. Based on these variables, access controls and anonymization can be applied using encryption at-rest, encryption in-use, or dynamic masking.

Data protection has the highest priority for Keyrus global customers. Security and data protection is a complex global issue, and together with SecuPi we are able to fulfill all security and compliance technical requirements, ensuring peace of mind across all analytics environments.

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